Friday, August 17, 2007

Would It Be Child Abuse... put Caleb in a padded room? (Ha ha! That isn't a great title for a "family" blog is it?)

Anyway, today has been a bad one for Caleb. I think I've spent most of the day picking him from the most recent tumble, fall, bump, or scratch. He has bumped his mouth and made his gums bleed and when he was reeling from that he fell over on the kitchen floor and bumped his head on the linoleum. Then I pinched him, accidentally, while strapping him into his carseat. There have been way too many incidents today to make an account of everyone. I've even heard him make a very frustrated sound as if to say, "This has been a NO GOOD day!"

I know, Buddy. Mommy would put you in a padded room if she could. At least it wouldn't hurt. ;-)

Now I have to go deal with my O.C.D Jack Russell Terrier who can't deal with the fact that our neighbors are remodeling their house and making bumps and other sounds throughout the day. On top of that she sees my bags on the floor for a retreat I'm going on and is probably convinced that she is going somewhere, her world will be turned upside down and she won't be able to protect her precious stuffed mouse. My dog is a whole other post.

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