Wednesday, August 15, 2007

A Little Linky Slow

So, I've been the one caught up in the 7th Harry Potter book this time. That's why my Linky Reading Lists are a little slow lately. Be patient with me as I approach the end of an era. I'll miss you, Harry!

In the meantime:

1) NYC Health Officials Move to Get Babies Off Bottle : I'm all about encouraging women to breastfeed as the default in the hospitals. Breastfeeding needs to stop being the exception. Instead of having the "I'm a Breastfed baby" sign in the bassinet in the hospital, how about it being "I'm a bottle fed baby."

2) Great, Great Grandmother, 94, Earn's Masters Degree: It is never too late to get an education.

3) Baptist School Offers Homemaking Courses : I know I could've used some homemaking courses before I got married.

4) Our Quiverfull: Sorry For The Silence: The Insurance company is trying to use this mother's blog as evidence against offering coverage for their sick son. Geez!

5) Voices Unabridged: India's Invisible Women: (Slideshow)My heart goes out to these women.

6) Is it a a bird? Is it a Plane? No, it's a baby... : Some people are just crazy about names.

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