Friday, August 17, 2007

Missionary Travel

A couple days ago I was talking about about how I get an "itch" to get out of town. I need to go somewhere to clear the system and refocus. My opportunity is coming very soon and boy, I am happy about that. But, the kicker about this type of need to get out of town is all about me and my needs or the needs of my family.

What about traveling with the needs of other people as my complete focus? I am talking about going on a mission trip for a short time or even an extended time. I know that I am called to go on some sort of mission step outside myself and go spread God's love to others. The idea is so exciting!! Unfortunately, I wouldn't even know where to start when planning my trip. How do you travel to third world countries? What all needs to be done before you leave home? And what about once you get there?

I was so happy to find Golden Rule Travel. They are a travel agency that specializes in missionary travel. It sure feels good knowing that I would be traveling through people who support what I am doing for the Lord and they actually want to support my work. They have a staff of former missionaries and other Believers who support missionaries. Individuals or groups can take advantage of their services. For example, they will work hard to find the lowest possible airfare because they know that missionaries don't have much money. They are also always available (24/7) for your questions.

Going on a mission trip is such a special and intense time. There is so much going on emotionally and spiritually and the last thing you should worry about is your travel specifics. I am thankful that people like Golden Rule Travel are willing to step up and help missionaries and their special needs.

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Indiana Amy said...

I'll have to keep that in mind for my next mission trip.