Wednesday, August 15, 2007

Learning About Stocks

As a Stay-At-Home Mom I am so blessed to have an incredibly hard working husband who allows me to stay home and even supports my convictions. Not only do I work hard maintaining our household and taking care of our little boy, I also work hard to generate an income from home. I mainly accomplish this through my blog and through eBay.

While Chris works hard outside the home to support all of us he has a dream to be able to come home too and either work from home or even retire. The way that he is pursuing this dream is through his studies of the stock market and options trading. He spends a little time each night "paper trading" or pretend trading so that he will be ready when he makes the jump for real.

I want to support Chris as much as I can in his ventures and I know that one way I can do this is through educating myself about the stock market so that I can support him in his trading decisions. I know it would make his heart go pitter-pat if I could have a stock market conversation with him. One way I can educate myself is through the blog by Wizetrade . The company that puts out the Wizetrade software has just started an informative blog to educate us and to keep us abreast on all stock trading news. They also provide videos. I especially like the post about making a Trading Plan. I know how we have to protect ourselves from our emotions when dealing with the market. I feel good about this blog because of posts like that and I am sure there are some more great posts to come.

Check them out if you want to learn more about the stock market like I do. Come on SAHM's! Let's jump on the bandwagon!

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