Tuesday, August 14, 2007

My Little Helper

Today I was I hanging some clothes up on our drying racks in the guest room. (Yeah, our guest room is a laundry staging area when we don't have guests but everything is easily collapsed and put away.) Caleb was in the room with me playing. I dropped one of his socks and I just let him carry it around with him. I turned around and saw that Caleb was trying to hang his little sock on one of the lower rungs of the drying racks. Needless to say I praised him and praised him and told him how happy Mommy was that he was helping.

It just goes to show how observant little children are and how much they want to copy us. This little experience also reinforces how much I want Caleb to mimic good behaviors and that means that I always have to be on alert that my all behavior is worthy of copying.

I LOVE My Little Helper!!! Thanks, Caleb!

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Tami@ourhouse said...

Hi just wanted to say a quick hello! I just saw your comment on Crystal's blog- my husband is currently a SEBTS student... my kids and I are off to swim lessons, but I just wanted to drop in!