Monday, August 13, 2007

I Am Whipped...

...and it is only Monday!

The past week and especially this past weekend has really sent us realing. To begin let me tell you the incredibly AWESOME news. Caleb is going to have a cousin!! Yeah!! Chris' "not so little" sister announced this weekend that she and her hubby are pregnant. Wheee! I am beyond excited. My sister has two boys but I was much younger when they were born. The youngest is already nine years old. (Geez..I feel old now). So, this is the closest to having a sister who is pregnant and I can really experience it with her and it amazes me that I'm actually the one who has "been there and done that." I am the "oh so wise" more experienced sister now. Chris' sister already said she will be calling with tons of questions. I feel honored and blessed by this. My head is spinning with ideas, suggestions, and just excitement. The next nine months are going to be a blast.

The weekend was also very busy running errands and such. On Saturday we hung out with friends and that was a great break. I had to leave early, though, to pick up my food from Angel Food Ministries and that was a nightmare. It wasn't the disributor's fault. There was a hiccup somewhere in the shipment process and when I arrived, ready to get my food, they were still unloading the food. It was in no way organized. So, I had to stand with everyone else in a hot house with chaos all around us. But, I got our food and it turned out okay.

I met Chris at our friend's house and we headed to church. I didn't have to serve that night. I had it all planned out. I was going to sit in the coffee area and work on my crocheting and just enjoy myself. Well, due to a ministry expo type thing they had moved all the comfy furniture out of the coffee area. I had nowhere to go except for back to the bookstore where I usually serve. I hung out with those ladies until one of the nursery workers walked in with Caleb who was quite red and whimpering. She said they had been paging me for the past 15 minutes in the worship service. I obviously wasn't in the service and she knew that. So, I took Caleb and it took a long time to calm him down. This was also the night that Chris and I figured we didn't need to bring the stroller into the church. I carried Caleb or let him walk beside me the entire first service until Chris finished with his small group. Chris showed up and I wanted to go home, but Chris insisted that we put Caleb back in the nursery and attempt the second service. Caleb was much happier and actually got through the entire service and came home...whipped.

Sunday, Chris had an important meeting with a friend and I took Caleb to the in-laws house. We hung out and had a blast. Chris arrived and we left Caleb there so we could attend a luncheon with some the Financial Ministry of the church. That was good too. We picked up Caleb after that and then went to Chris' sister's house for dinner. (Note: Caleb and I left home at 10:30 am and didn't get home till 7 pm). I figured once Caleb was down for bed Chris and I would have a movie date or something like that. Well, he spent it on the phone seeking wisdom on some stuff. We went to bed and here I am...whipped.

On top of all this we are looking at some potentially big changes for our little family. I don't feel comfortable explaining it all right now. Just pray that God gives us all wisdom on what to do and when to do it. So, our heads are spinning at a speed that heads shouldn't be allowed to spin. I will be going to my Dad's house next week and I am SO LOOKING FORWARD TO IT!! I need a change of pace.

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