Wednesday, August 08, 2007

Great Site for Coupons

About two weeks before Caleb was born I left work (after a fabulous baby shower) for the world of homemaker and mother. Chris and I had grown accustomed to the extra paycheck I provided and we enjoyed the small benefits it provided. We also knew, though, that me staying home with our son far outweighed the benefits of a paycheck. Upon coming back home it became my job to make Chris' money stretch as far as possible and to be as frugal as I possibly could. Oftentimes that means providing home-baked goods for snacks and yummy dinners and using coupons whenever I find really good ones.

Chris and I don't get the newspaper out here just because we know we wouldn't read it and that would be such a waste of money and trees. The only thing I miss about not getting the paper is all the wonderful coupons in the Sunday edition. I remember my Mom spending Sunday afternoons clipping away and then reaping the benefits later in the week. I would so do the same thing if we only got the paper. What is a girl like me to do?

I recently came across a really cool website that I wanted to share with everyone. It is the Deal Locker. It is based on the idea that good friends are going to share with each other all the great deals they have found. What is the point of a good deal if you can't share it with someone? There are all kinds of coupons and coupon codes that other people have posted because they wanted to share with everyone else.

I especially like the Target coupon codes for all that baby equipment I need and the Shutterfly coupon codes so I can keep up to date on my beautiful pictures of Caleb. But those are just two of my favorites. Check out the other Baby coupons from other great baby stores.

The feature that I like the most is the bookmarklet or browser button you can download. I have a problem remembering to check coupons when I'm browsing on-line. But, once I downloaded this browser button I can just click on it whenever I am browsing and any available coupons for that site will pop up for me to look over.

I do most of my weekly shopping locally because it is so convenient but for things that I can't easily get I will always go online. I especially like to do my Christmas shopping long lines! Now I just have to remember to use all coupons that are available to me. That will be the hard part. ;-)

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