Tuesday, January 06, 2009

Two Awesome Websites

I don't have much time today because I have a meeting at church. But, I wanted to share two websites that Caleb and I have been enjoying thoroughly lately.

Starfall -- This is a fun phonics reading program. Caleb fell in love with it. Chris was working on my computer and I was trying to keep Caleb content. I had read about Starfall but never tried it with Caleb. I pulled it up and Caleb was smitten from the first click. He had to go to bed but he wanted to keep playing. I promised more Starfall tomorrow. ;-)

Worksheet Works This awesome website helps you generate your own worksheets. There are generators for Language Arts, Math, Puzzles, Geography, etc. Right now I am creating Letter Recognition pages and putting them in a folder. Caleb carries his "Letter Book" in the car and reads off all the letters he sees. (Note: I don't make him do any of this. He LOVES reading letters and if that makes him happy, it makes Mommy happy and a happier car ride.)

Enjoy your Tuesday!!

Monday, January 05, 2009

B is for Bear, Butterfly, Baker, & Bat

My intention when starting this mini-preschool program with Caleb was to start a new letter on each Monday. I would have all the books and the little notebook ready to go by then. Well, the library is not cooperating or maybe I'm not getting my holds in on time. My goal is to not spend any money at this level of homeschooling. All the books are being checked out of the library and to get them I am having to place holds all over our library network. Thankfully, I can do all this online. Some of the books are taking FOREVER to arrive at my local library. I guess I will try to have the little notebook ready on Monday and then read the books as they arrive. Whoo! Mixing things up is the spice of life isn't it?! Especially with a two-year old. ;-)

Go Here to see the Letter A.

Notebook pages:

Cover Sheet

B is For Bear
Bear Coloring Sheet
Butterfly Coloring Sheet
Life Cycle of a Monarch Butterfly
B is For Baker
Baker Coloring Sheet
B is For Bat
Bat Coloring Sheet
0-5 Coloring Sheet
6-11 Coloring Sheet
Benjamin Franklin Resume (cute)
Benjamin Franklin Coloring Sheet


As you saw from the previous list I listed all the books one by one right in the post. I have decided it would be much easier to just link to my Amazon Store so you can actually see the covers and not have to keep clicking over. The link is below.

Go Here to see Letter 'B' Reading List

Note: I have been using the booklist from Brightly Beaming Letter of the Week Curriclum as a springboard for finding great books each week. Go Here to see the entire list.

Thursday, January 01, 2009

Happy New Year, Holly Sprigs