Tuesday, January 06, 2009

Two Awesome Websites

I don't have much time today because I have a meeting at church. But, I wanted to share two websites that Caleb and I have been enjoying thoroughly lately.

Starfall -- This is a fun phonics reading program. Caleb fell in love with it. Chris was working on my computer and I was trying to keep Caleb content. I had read about Starfall but never tried it with Caleb. I pulled it up and Caleb was smitten from the first click. He had to go to bed but he wanted to keep playing. I promised more Starfall tomorrow. ;-)

Worksheet Works This awesome website helps you generate your own worksheets. There are generators for Language Arts, Math, Puzzles, Geography, etc. Right now I am creating Letter Recognition pages and putting them in a folder. Caleb carries his "Letter Book" in the car and reads off all the letters he sees. (Note: I don't make him do any of this. He LOVES reading letters and if that makes him happy, it makes Mommy happy and a happier car ride.)

Enjoy your Tuesday!!

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karen said...

thanks for the websites
As a mom on the hunt for good material to use with my little one, this was a blessing!