Thursday, November 30, 2006


Hey Everybody! I just wanted my readers to know that I love getting comments. There are days when I really don't want to post anything because I just don't feel like anyone is visiting me. I question the point of my blog if I'm just writing for myself. Every so often I get a comment or someone tells me they miss my blog and I feel so rejuvinated and I want to do it more. So, leave comments and let me know what you think. Thanks!

One Thousand Gifts, Part 2

11) Firewood
12) Chris teaching me to build my own fires
13) A fire on a cold day
14) Christmas lights everywhere
15) Christmas trees...especially real
16) Caleb likes squash!
17) The chance to sell books on eBay
18) Our Concept2 Indoor Rowing Machine
19) Jack Russell Terriers--Eowyn
20) The Church Nursery
21) Non-Mommy Time (a time for me to get away without Caleb)
22) Caleb sleeping in the car (almost like Non-Mommy Time)
23) Being able to stay home with Caleb
24) Have both sides of the family so close to us
25) My Small Group
26) Netflix
27) Criminal Minds--my guilty pleasure on tv
28) Our Teaching Pastor turning the Bible alive each Wednesday night
29) Voice of the Martyrs
30) Dates with Chris
31) How readily available babysitting is for us...usually just one phone call away (even last minute)
32) How supportive and encouraging Chris is with my crazy ideas

Tuesday, November 28, 2006

I am having a rough moment right now. I put Caleb down in his crib hoping he would fall asleep and take his nap. For a long time I've allowed him to nap in his swing or on my bed and without any sort of a schedule. I've known that "forcing" him to spend time in his crib was inevitable but I just didn't want to listen to his cries. Well, I've finally done it and he is squawking his head off right now. Have strength, Mommy, have strength. Whoo!

One Thousand Gifts...

It sure has been forever since I've been here. I could say that I am too busy or that I have better things to do. But, the truth is that I just don't want to be honest and vulnerable right now. I've been coming to a lot of conclusions lately as I TRY to regain some sense of a devotional time with God after Caleb's birth. Some of these conclusions have been rather how much Mom's death has really affected my relationship with God. I guess you could say that God and I are working things out even though the truth is that I am doing the working because God never really changed nor moved in this whole situation. I am sure that more will be said about that whole process. I've been really desiring to write here lately and perhaps it will be good for me to have a creative outlet to be honest and vulnerable but to also have fun. I was told this past weekend that my blog was actually missed by my family and that gave me a twinge of guilt and also motivation to do it again. So, this is what I'm proposing. I am going to do this One Thousand Gifts thing from Christian Women Online to start me off again. I am sure that jotting down One Thousand Gifts in my life will do me and my faith a world of good. I am sure I will probably start out broad and have to start going more and more specific. Here I go...

1) A Wonderful Thanksgiving with both sides of the family
2) Caleb
3) Beautiful Fall Colors
4) The joy of homemade baby food
5) A sweet dog named Eowyn
6) MOPS...thanks ladies at the Savannah Christian Church MOPS group. Y'all are GREAT!!
7) Baby and Doggie toys all over my floor. The clutter reminds me of the love in the family.
8) Wednesday Night Church
9) Grandparents
10) Warm Savannah Temps. in November