Thursday, April 12, 2007


For Easter my church put on a play called "Our Deliverer." It was all about Christian martyrs throughout history. I longed to see this production but life and busyness just got in the way and we couldn't go. Oh well! I saw the program and there was this quote on the back:

A Christian prisoner in Cuba was asked to sign a statement
containing charges against fellow Christians that would lead to their arrest.
He said: "The chain keeps me from signing this. "
The Communist officer protested, "But you are not in chains!"
"I am," said the Christian, "I am bound by the chain of witnesses who throughout the centuries gave their lives for Jesus Christ. I am a link in this chain.
I WILL NOT Break it."

I tore that part of the program out and I've kept it near me ever since. I am touched and convicted by those words. Towards the end of the program, when they are depicting modern day martyrs, there was a list of names of Christians who are currently being persecuted for their faith scrolling on the screen. During the second week of productions the staff of my church got word that one of the names on the screen was killed by Hindu extremists. She was the wife of one of the pastors who works with the India Mission we support. She was struck by a rock when she and her husband were stopped by a gang of Hindus. She was pregnant with their first child. Her husband is 29 years old. He is only one year older than me. I was struck by how much he is already enduring when I still feel so young. It brings me comfort knowing that he will see his beloved wife and child in heaven someday. I pray that brings him comfort as well and that his faith in Jesus brings him strength to keep running the race.