Thursday, November 30, 2006

One Thousand Gifts, Part 2

11) Firewood
12) Chris teaching me to build my own fires
13) A fire on a cold day
14) Christmas lights everywhere
15) Christmas trees...especially real
16) Caleb likes squash!
17) The chance to sell books on eBay
18) Our Concept2 Indoor Rowing Machine
19) Jack Russell Terriers--Eowyn
20) The Church Nursery
21) Non-Mommy Time (a time for me to get away without Caleb)
22) Caleb sleeping in the car (almost like Non-Mommy Time)
23) Being able to stay home with Caleb
24) Have both sides of the family so close to us
25) My Small Group
26) Netflix
27) Criminal Minds--my guilty pleasure on tv
28) Our Teaching Pastor turning the Bible alive each Wednesday night
29) Voice of the Martyrs
30) Dates with Chris
31) How readily available babysitting is for us...usually just one phone call away (even last minute)
32) How supportive and encouraging Chris is with my crazy ideas

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