Tuesday, August 14, 2007

I Dream of Our Family Vacations...

I have discovered a pattern in my life lately. I have noticed that about every six to eight weeks or so I get this itch that I call the “get out of town itch.” I just can't stay in one place for more than two months. Once I go away for a weekend, usually the case, I feel so much better and ready to tackle my To-Do list at home because I have had the opportunity to relax and refocus. As a matter of fact we are going out of town for a little refresher in a couple of weekends. I am quite ready for that little trip.

Now that Chris and I have a son we are starting to understand the importance of taking a family vacation at least once a year. We'll have long weekends sometimes, but I mean a true family vacation that is at least a week long and at a fun destination. Chris has already promised that starting in Summer '08 we'll start making those family vacations a priority.

With that in mind I have been pondering what we should do and where we should go. I LOVE the mountains and I know that Chris does too. We even went to the mountains on our honeymoon.

I have found a great company with a convenient website that I think will be great in our planning of our family vacation in the mountains. It is Hotel Reservations. I found this website to be really easy to use and very informative. For example, I can put in that I am looking for a vacation rental site near Asheville and I want to go June 7-11, 2008 and the site will give me a list of locations for me to pick from and they are listed based on distance from Asheville and price. That is just what I want to know. You can also book hotels, cars, flights, and whole vacation packages all over the world. The convenience of this site is wonderful but so is the fact that you can save up to 70% in your reservation. Being that we are on such a tight budget I am grateful for any savings we are offered.

I don't really know when our inaugural family vacation is going to be but I am already really looking forward to it. Our little family needs some time away to relax and just have fun together. Until that time comes I'll be pondering what I want to do and researching the best deals.

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