Friday, August 10, 2007

The Two Best Things I've Done...

...Since becoming a Mommy.

Everyone knows that it is very hard transitioning from no children to parenthood. I was no different. The first two weeks or so were a blur and fairly easy because I had help at my house around the clock. I say it was easy because of the help I had. Once they left, the true difficulties settled in. I became lonely and unmotivated. I had the basic childcare down pretty well but the "Me" was falling by the wayside.

Caleb is almost 13 months now and I've learned a few things since his birth. I am in now way an expert on this parenting thing and I have TONS to learn. But, here are the two things I've done this past year that I have helped me beyond measure.

I joined MOPS at my church. I called and made a reservation at MOPPETS as soon as I saw an advertisement for the new year on a powerpoint slide before the service. I was at the first meeting with bells on my toes. I was actually surrounded by people, let alone other moms, for the first time since Caleb was born. I am a very shy person initially so the first few meetings were spent being quiet and listening to other moms talk. Finally, I came out of my shell and started to participate. I was hooked. I never missed a single meeting the entire year. Even when Caleb had a runny nose or a cough (nothing too serious) I would take him to the meeting with me because I would not miss my MOPS meeting. I dreaded the summer because MOPS follows the school calender and doesn't meeting during the summer. Before we broke for the summer I was asked to be on the steering team as the Prayer/Care Coordinator. Wow! Me?! We are gearing up for another year now and I will be serving other moms who were just like me just last year. But, I know that not only will I be serving them I will also be fed and loved on too. The good thing is I can stay in MOPS until all my kids are older than 5. I better keep the kids coming. ;-)

I joined the YMCA. I confess that joining the YMCA is very new...actually, just this month. But, I know it was an exceptional decision. Chris and I have been working out at home for months now and we were content with that. Then our county built a brand new YMCA and it is BEAUTIFUL. We knew that the usual cost of membership would not fit into our budget. So, I swallowed my pride and applied for a scholarship. Our application was approved and we got 75% off the joiner's fee and a good bit taken off the monthly fee. We were in business. I've been going like crazy. I can drop Caleb off in Childwatch and I can work out in peace. I can watch the TVs or read a book. Whatever I want to do. Not only am I getting great exercise, but I also have another thing to look forward to during the day and some Mommy Time. I am completely hooked and can't wait to see what all this exercise does for me. I know it is already making my mind feel better.

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