Friday, August 31, 2007

Our O.C.D. Jack Russell Terrier

My other baby is Eowyn, our Jack Russell Terrier. Three years ago, come February, Chris and I decided we should get a dog. I think Chris was trying to fulfill my maternal instincts with a puppy. That worked for about two months. We wanted to get a smart dog because Chris' parents dog is very smart and quite enjoyable to be around. We knew that Jack Russells are very smart and fairly small which was another requirement. The Lord blessed us by a friend calling me to say she knew of a lady who was GIVING AWAY full blooded Jack Russell Terrier puppies. I made all kinds of phone calls and finally one rainy night we brought our little bundle of joy home.

For those who don't know, here is an explanation for Eowyn's name. First, she is named after a heroine in the 'Lord of the Rings' Trilogy by J.R.R. Tolkien. Eowyn is the princess of Rohan which is a society based on or centered around horses. They are true horsemen. The Jack Russell Terrier breed was developed about a hundred years ago by a Parson Jack Russell in England. Parson Russell was an avid hunter with his horses and dogs. He had great fox hounds but they couldn't go into the holes to chase the foxes out. So, he set out to develop a breed that could dig and then chase the foxes out for the fox hounds to catch. That is how the Jack Russell was developed. Since Jack Russells were bred to hunt with horses there is a natural attraction between these dogs and horses even when the two animals have never met. There you have it. We named our doggie Eowyn because she is a Jack Russell (a horse loving breed) and because Eowyn in the books was a princess of a society that loved horses.

We love our baby but she is such an O.C.D. dog. OH MY GAWSH!! She can be beyond annoying. I think her intelligence has made her quite eccentric. Here are some examples:

For her birthday (November 2) I buy her a little toy. The toy is usually a squeaky toy from Walmart. For her first birthday she got a stuffed duck (a.k.a. Duckie) and for her second birthday she got a mouse (a.k.a. Mousers). Eowyn carries her toys around with her all the time. She sleeps with them and DON'T EVEN think about hiding them. She will go crazy and eventually drive you crazy to the point that you give in and give the toy back. Duckie has been completely unstuffed and I think is thrown away or hidden VERY well. Mousers is still going strong.

Let me tell you what an ordeal it is to take this girl out of town. (Which I am experiencing right now). I pack up her kennel with Mousers, leash, collar, food, pillow, etc. usually sometime during the day so I won't have to rush around when Chris gets home. I place the stuff in our staging area. Eowyn will lay by her packed kennel ALL DAY and whimper and whine. Very annoying! Then once we get to our destination I have to take her kennel out, put it in its place, pull everything out, and let Eowyn investigate. She sniffs everything and then runs around wherever we are several times all the while going BACK to her kennel to make sure everything is how she left it...several times.

Now there is a rabbit who comes into our yard in the mornings. Eowyn can't stand that rabbit. (Note: we have one of those wireless invisible fencing systems). I let Eowyn out because she'll bark so much and then I'll have to call her back in because she barks so much and we have to think about the neighbors. Today, I got so annoyed I put her in the utility room until she calmed down. Thankfully the rabbit had moved on by the time I let her out.

Squirrels are the same situation. We are getting more as they are gathering nuts for winter and they are no better than the rabbit. Except the squirrels taunt Eowyn from just outside the fence or from their trees. My dog is going to lose it pretty soon.

We also have moles in our yard. That's interesting. I'll see Eowyn running around the yard and all of a sudden her nose hits the dirt. She starts to sniff and then whimper and then she digs. Oh, she digs! Several times I have come across a tunnel shaped hole in the yard. She has never caught one but she digs like her life depends on it. I should've paid attention when I read that Jack Russells are obsessive diggers.

Our number of dog sitters are quite limited because most people don't understand our dog and how to keep her happy AND calm. She either goes to Chris' parents or his sister's house. Unfortunately, both families are leaving town for the holiday and we are "forced" to take Eowyn with us. I am glad we are going to visit dog-friendly family. Whoo!

We love our baby and all her quirks. She definitely makes our home a very interesting place especially now that Caleb is big enough to play with her. I am sure we have plenty more years of fun, annoying, and just down right weird days with Eowyn. God Bless her!

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