Thursday, August 16, 2007

A Future in Waste Management?

Caleb has developed a fascination with the trash can. I think it is because Chris and I have been calling it Caleb's treasure chest. Caleb used to pick up little pieces of trash off floor and hand them to us and we'd say, "Thank You Caleb! Let's go put this is your treasure chest." He always seemed okay with that when we took his little treasure away. I kept thinking that I was Mom of the Year because my one year old would pick up after me. Unfortunately, he would make other people feel back because he could always find trash on the even most well vacuumed carpet. I know he's made people question their housekeeping abilities. He's done that to me.

Anyway, I think our "treasure chest" tactic is backfiring on us. Now Caleb wants to put anything in the trash can especially now that he's figured out how to open it. I have caught him "throwing away" canning jars, tupperware, a dishwasher basket, his favorite book, AND his favorite ball. It is clear that he doesn't know that things that go into the trash can never come back. I never thought I would have to check the trash can several times a day to make sure nothing important gets thrown away for good.

I can appreciate Caleb's fascination with throwing things away. I want to encourage that but now I need to help him distinguish what things need to be thrown away.

Dirty Paper Towel...Yes!

Mommy's Library Book...No!

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