Monday, August 27, 2007

We're Back

It is so good to be home!!

Caleb and I had a blast at my Dad's house. It wasn't quite as relaxing as I had hoped. For some reason, Caleb decided it was time to go into TURBO-mode. He got into everything and wandered all over the house. I rarely had a chance to just sit and relax when Caleb was awake. When he was napping I usually ended up napping as well.

It was great catching up with my Dad, though. Caleb was spoiled and loved on like only grandparents can do. We ate some great food and Caleb even got a awesome new outfit for the fall. I used up a gift card to Toys 'R Us and bought Caleb a bag of those Mega Bloks. He is in stacking heaven.

I got home yesterday afternoon exhausted and thinking I was coming down with a cold. Thankfully, I think the stuffy nose was only because I was so tired. I drove straight to Chris' parents house as I came into town and the family reunited there. We were fed dinner and enjoyed each other's company. Afterwards, Chris and I went home and collapsed. I took a shower while Caleb showed off his new blocks to Chris. By the time I got out, Chris already had Caleb changed and in his pajamas. I have a great husband! We put Caleb down and he struggled to go to sleep. Poor guy! He always has a hard time transitioning from bed to bed. Chris and I watched some TV, read in bed, and were O.U.T. by 9 pm. I slept like a little baby. There is nothing like your own bed with your hubby in it.


This week I am getting ready for our vacation next week. We are going to visit my sister over Labor Day Weekend and then we are going to have a "Vacation-At-Home" and hopefully go camping the following weekend. More about this later.

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