Thursday, August 16, 2007

Men and the Church Nursery

Chris, Caleb, and I wen to the Wednesday Night Praise Service last night. It was the Kick-Off for all the Wednesday night programs for the 2007-08 year. Caleb will be in Kids Town (the nursery) playing, eating snacks, and hearing Bible Stories. Chris and I will be up to our eyebrows in the verse-by-verse study of Romans they are doing for the adults. I love those studies, but my brain sure is fried aftewards. I'm sure I'll write more about that later. But, I digress.

While Chris and I were waiting to drop off Caleb there was a lady ahead of us and she seemed rather distraught about something. What is there to be distraught about on a Wednesday night in Kids Town. It is such a happy place. Well, it turns out her children were in the two year olds room and there was only a man taking care of them at that moment. Her children are potty trained and she does NOT want a lone man taking them to go potty. There must be a woman in there. The issue was settled quickly because, mainly, there has to be two adults in a room anyway. This experience left me thinking.

One thing I like about Kids Town is that there are men so willing to volunteer and take care of our littlest children. So many men are more than willing to teach the Middle School or High Schoolers. They are cool. But, to change diapers and take kids potty is not first in the minds of many men. BUT, we have a small group of Godly men who see their opportunities to train up our little ones to love the Lord. They are all Daddies and the less than desirable part of the job are just that...part of the job. They do it happily and just love on our children. I LOVE IT!

I was so sad to hear this mother's concerns. I am not criticizing the mother at all. Her insecurities were real and I don't doubt them. I just think that it is SO SAD that there is even reason for a mother to be insecure with leaving her children with a man at church. Shouldn't the church be one of the few places where we feel safe with our children? Where has our world gone??

I am very happy that my church has rules in place (two caregivers at all times, etc.) to prevent any appearance of evil. I am very confident leaving my child there and I can rest and enjoy my time at church. I just pray more people can enjoy those benefits as well.

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Anonymous said...

Please take a look at this article: Are We Teaching Our Kids
To Be Fearful of Men?
on the Wall Street Journal's site. I think the author is actually right - we are unnecessarily scaring our children.