Wednesday, August 29, 2007

The Memory Walk

I don't know if any of you have had any experience with the terrible disease of Alzeimer's. Saying it is a terrible disease just doesn't do it justice. It strips the victim of his/her memory and completely diminishes her personality and character. For the loved ones, it has been called a "Living Bereavement" because even though your loved one is still living, you are grieving the loss of the person she is and ultimately, her physical body as well.

My Paternal Grandmother was stricken with Alzeimer's. I was pretty young when she died but I do remember one time when we visited her and I could tell that her eyes looked different. My Grandmother just wasn't there. I can only imagine what my Granddaddy and my Dad were going through.

Because of this experience I want to tell everyone about the Alzeimer's Association Memory Walk. It is the nation's largest charity event to raise money for Alzeimer's research and care. The Memory Walk is held every year in areas all across the country. People of all ages are encouraged to come out and walk to stamp out Alzeimer's as we know it. These people have all felt the pain of seeing a loved one disappear or they know someone who has. They want to see Alzeimer's GONE. Since 1989, $225 million have been raised through the dedicated participants of The Memory Walk.

The time for the Memory Walk is coming up very soon and the need for Team Captains is growing more and more each day. It is the Team Captains who recruit walkers to join their team and motivates them to go out and raise money through sponsors. Now is the perfect time to sign up as a Team Captain because you will have plenty of time to recruit fellow walkers. Go to the Memory Walk website to learn more about Alzeimer's, details of the walk, and how to be a Team Captain. Your time will be very well spent online and out there walking. Thanks!

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