Tuesday, January 30, 2007


Happy Birthday to Me!! Yeah! Today is my wonderful birthday and yes, it has been wonderful. It has been going on for days now. On Saturday Chris took me out for dinner after he came home from church. Yes, Caleb was a bit on the snuffly side but we went anyway. He was already in his jammers because he never left them and we fed him his bottle while at the restaurant. By the time we got home he was zonked out and easily transferred to the crib. On Sunday, Chris and I had family day and it was wonderful (previous post). The small group had balloons and cheese cake for me that evening. I felt so loved.

The best part so far was most definitely last night. Wow! About 5:15, Caleb and packed up and left for a friend's house for "Girl's night." The girls from small group get together about twice a month for this great time of hanging out. (Caleb is the only allowed male.) I yapped with my sister on the phone while I drove. I pulled up in the driveway and my sister-in-law ran out of the house and said, "Open the trunk, we're taking your car." What? "We're taking you out to eat." She proceeded to move all the mess from the front into the trunk. What?....Okay. Two more girls came out of the house and climbed into the car. We yapped and yapped and I just followed instructions of where to go. We ended up at a Mexican restaurant that I've never been to but wanted to go. Yum! I LOVE MEXICAN! We sat down and TWO MORE girls from the small group showed up. So, we were all there. I munched on chips and salsa and enjoyed the company. Caleb was in his high chair two people down from me. That was great. It doesn't end there. Next thing I know, I am getting a kiss on my head. What in the world?! It was CHRIS!! He then proceeded to pack up Caleb and take him away. He said, "Enjoy your evening, Honey!" I had to run to him and give him a big kiss. Enjoy the evening I did! The food was great and the company was even better. At one point I was talking and it looked like everyone was distracted by something. Well, I looked down and a dessert was placed in front of me and I had a sombrero on my head. They sang "Happy Birthday" in Spanish and I was redder than the tomato on my dinner plate. Aaahhhh...Good Times! We finished up and went back to my friend's house and hung out some more. By the time I got home Chris had already put Caleb in his crib and he was sleeping hard. I had an entire evening with no Caleb responsibilities. What a wonderful birthday present. Thank you everyone!

Today is my official birthday. I was born at 8:13 am, 28 years ago. (I don't mind saying my age). It is funny that I already have celebrated my birthday and yet today is the real day. I feel great because I know there are people who love and support me. I just pray that I can do the same for others.

Happy Birthday to Me!

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Keziah said...

Happy birthday to you!
Happy birthday to you!
Happy birthday, dear Sarah!
Happy birthday to you!

Hope you had a lovely day. Sounds like you had a great night last night.

Tiffany said...

Happy Birthday!

Amy H said...

Glad your birthday was happy!