Thursday, January 11, 2007

I am so Addicted

Yes, Folks! I am addicted to cuddles. Do you remember my post from last week called "Slowing Down For Cuddles?" Ever since I've moved my rowing time to the evening I've been indulging in my morning nap cuddles with Caleb. I know I could put him in his crib and get something done but I just can't do it. He falls asleep in my arms and all I can do is lie down on the couch, pull a blanket over us both, and just relish in the sweetness. I am addicted! I even found myself missing it on Monday because of his doctor's appointment and on Tuesday due to being at MOPS. I was so excited yesterday not having to go anywhere in the morning because I could have my cuddles. So, who are these cuddles for? Me or Caleb? I think both. I think it is really building a stronger bond between us. ;-)

Today, I made the cuddles even better. Is that possible, you ask? Well, yes it is. When Caleb was good and gone, I turned the news on the TV off and I closed my eyes and prayed. I actually had the prayer part of my quiet time during Caleb's nap. I prayed for my small group, my family, my personal relationship with Christ, etc. I was amazed at how long I was able to stay focused and not even fall asleep. That was the amazing part for me. I struggle with staying awake during my prayers, but today I was lying down on the couch, covered with a precious baby and a blanket and I stayed awake during my prayers. AMAZING! I think this might be an answer to my quiet time least for now. I thank the Lord for this answer. Now, I can do the study part during Caleb's afternoon nap. Yeah! I am so happy! I can indulge in my cuddles AND pray to Jesus at the SAME TIME!

Thanks for listening everyone! My name is Sarah and I'm addicted to CUDDLES!

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Amy Hornek said...

They sure are addicting, aren't they?