Saturday, January 27, 2007

Here We Go Again!

Chris and I, especially me, were looking forward to having a "regular" weekend. We would do stuff around the house on Saturday, go to church to serve and worship in the evening, come home to a simple dinner and a movie, and a quiet Family oriented Sunday until Small Group. I was beyond excited that the Holiday stuff was finally over and we were back to normal. Well, when I got Caleb up this morning I saw that the waterworks of his nose had turned on. Yep! The poor boy has another cold. Gee Whiz! I've taken his temperature and he has a small fever (nothing to call the doctor about, though) and the snot continues to flow. He is also very lethargic. He just sits there and works the pacifier. So, being that the symptoms are brand new and so is the fever, it would be a big No-No to put him in the church nursery. Chris will go to church to serve in the children's ministry and I'll stay home with Caleb....again. Don't get me wrong. A poor sick boy is worth staying home for. I love him and I want him to be rested and get better. I was just so looking forward to tonight. I think I'll make cookies to make myself feel better. I was going to do it tomorrow for small group, but I think I'll do it tonight. Baking cookies is so therapeutic. Please pray that Caleb feels better soon.

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