Wednesday, January 10, 2007


I made a batch of yellow squash for Caleb yesterday. My Fresh Baby book said to use 6-8 yellow squashes to make a batch. Apparently, I picked up some bigger ones because I have three full quart size freezer bags of frozen yellow squash cubes. Well, I went to thaw three cubes this morning for Caleb's breakfast and that squash was the most watery baby food I have ever made or seen. Good Grief! I had to keep adding Rice Cereal to make it thick enough for Caleb to eat. Thankfully, he ate it right up and smiled the whole time. I was afraid it was going to be a waste but since he likes it so much it won't be. I will just have to make a note that yellow squash comes out way too think and maybe I shouldn't add as much water when I'm cooking it or I just need to add it to other things like peas or sweet potatoes.

I just have to say that I LOVE making Caleb's baby food. It is so rewarding knowing that I am giving him fresh veggies and fruits to eat. There are no preservatives or other additives. It tastes so good. I know because I've tasted everything he's eaten. Yes, there is a time commitment but that is minimal. Each time I make a batch of something it takes no more than 30 minutes and that provides at least two quart size freezer bags of cubes. I recommend homemade baby food to any Mom out there. Caleb says to all the babies out there, "Tell your Mommy about homemade baby food...especially the sweet potatoes!" YUM!

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Amy Hornek said...

It is fun making baby food. I would do that same rice cereal adding trick too. That stuff comes in handy!

Revka said...

I made a whole lot of carrots and sweet potatoes because my girls loved both vegetables.