Wednesday, January 17, 2007

Eat Those Veggies

I am sure that many Moms have to same issue of wondering how to get their baby to actually swallow the veggies he/she doesn't like. You've been there. You are trying a new veggie baby food and the food comes out quicker than it does going in. I have found a way to get Caleb to slowly likes his Veggies. It works for me! As you may already know, I make my own baby food and I love doing it. I freeze it in ice cube trays and that obviously produces nice little cubes of apples, peas, carrots, or what have you. You can make all kinds of yummy combinations. Caleb LOVES apples but he will usually spit out any new veggie I give him. So, I will start putting two cubes of apples and one cube of the new veggie into his bowl and thaw them out all together. There is a little bit of veggie taste mixed into those lovely apples. I do that combination for a few days until he's used to it and then I do a switcherooo. I start putting two cubes of the new veggie and one cube of apples. I do that for a few days and next thing you know, he loves his new veggie. Ah Hah! Mommy is tricky! This has worked so far with peas, carrots, and we are working on yellow squash.

3 Readers Shared Their Love:

HappyGoMommy said...

Love it! My baby is only three months - so I've got some time, though! Wish I had heard this idea w/my first two kiddos! :)

Annette said...

That's a neat idea! :)

Rob said...

We've used this with good success, the latest is to add yogurt to anything my son spits back out - better than ketchup (his other new favourite food)