Monday, January 15, 2007

Mr. Snotty and Adventures in the Bathtub

Okay, when I woke up this morning I had no idea my day was going to be this way. I knew Caleb was still sick but who knew he was going to turn from Mr. McCough to Mr. Snotty overnight. My pajamas have already earned their purple heart with a good smattering of snot on the shoulder. We had the perfect picture op when Caleb sneezed and had a very round snot bubble hanging onto his nostril. Chris ran for the camera but Caleb rubbed his nose and popped it. Doh! I so would've put it up here. I guess you'll just have to use your imagination. The rest of the morning has been spent wiping his nose and using the evil (Caleb's word) suction bulb to get the rest. We both got a nice break with a nap/prayer time on the couch around nine and Caleb felt better afterwards.

We got up around 10:15 and proceeded to have Caleb's solid brunch. Yum! While feeding him I figured I could finish feeding him, give him a bath, and we could go sit outside in the lovely WARM (74 degrees F, to be exact) temperatures before my lunch and his naptime. Bathtime started out nicely until I saw that LOOK on his face. I think every Mommy out there knows that look. He was concentrating and bearing down on something OH, NO YOU DON'T!! YOU DIDN'T!! CALEB! Yes, Caleb POOPED in his bathtub. It wasn't just once but twice. I had to use my hands and fish it out. I gave up on the baby tub and took Caleb to the kitchen sink and finished his bath. Thankfully, I thought to load the dishwasher earlier this morning. I dried Caleb off and put him in a diaper and laid him down in his floor gym where he is currently playing happily. As I was thoroughly GROSSED OUT, I cleaned the guest bath tub and Caleb's baby tub. Eeeewww! I guess this is a good thing because I have family coming in Friday for Caleb's church dedication and I was thinking I should scrub down that bath tub before they came. (Don't worry Dad, the tub is nice and shiny and clean now). Maybe this was God's sense of humor getting me to actually clean the tub and not put it off anymore. Okay, I got the message.

The escapade in the bathtub is over and I survived but the snot continues to flow. I will just pull my hair back into a pony tail and continue on my day as a Mommy. I feel thoroughly initiated into the Mommy club. Thanks, Ladies!

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Amy Hornek said...

Ewww...I have to say I'm glad that I haven't experienced that one yet. I have to say I've certainly been afraid of it, especially when my girl is on antibiotics and it's flowing freely, but, cross my fingers, it hasn't happened yet! I hope Caleb is feeling better soon!

Revka said...

All 3 of my girls have done that, and it grosses me out each time. The most recent time was this morning. Kids are some of the most disgusting yet sweet creatures on earth!

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