Wednesday, January 24, 2007

Caleb, Daddy, and a Pen

Chris and I have entered a new arena of parenthood. It all started last night. Chris was sitting by the fire and working on his Crown Ministries Homework. He had Caleb on his lap as he watched him so I could get some work done around the house and/or read something. My lovely husband does that every night. Aaaahhh! I love him! Anyway, I was folding laundry in the living room when I heard "Waaaaaaa!", "No Caleb," "Waaaaa!" "No, Caleb. Daddy is using the pen." "Waaaaaa!" After that happened about ten times I had to go into the other room and see what battle my men were fighting. Apparently, Caleb wanted his Daddy's pen but Chris was using it for his homework. Caleb would grab the pen and Daddy would promptly remove the little hand and say "No, Caleb." Caleb was screaming so hard. His little face was beet red and he was so tense. I don't think I've ever seen him so angry at us. He is only 6 months old! Does it start this early? The dispute finally ended when I offered Caleb a piece of crinkly paper. Oh Wow! Crinkly paper is so cool!

Part of me is sad that my little boy is starting to disobey us and is seeking his own way. I guess we're going to have to think more about discipline and how to do it appropriately with each age. I know my little boy is doomed to be stubborn because both his parents are quite "tenacious." On the other hand, I felt very proud of Caleb last night because I could see that he saw something he wanted and he was going after it. There was a sense of self and personality that I am loving to see develop. Last night, was a milestone that I loved and hated to see come. I am sure it only gets more complicated from here.

On a very heartwarming note, when I went to pick Caleb up from the floor this morning he actually put his arms up towards me! Be still my heart! He's only done it once today so far but I am positive I saw those cute arms come up towards his Mommy.

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