Thursday, January 11, 2007

Consider Your Ways...Question 2

What's the most humanly impossible thing you will ask God to do this year?

I have two things I want to ask God this year. I've been unsure about this question for a few days. It finally came to me during my Nap/Cuddles/Quiet Time (previous post). Here they are:

1) I want to ask that Chris' Paternal Grandfather in Poland will not only stay alive but also be completely aware when Chris and I plan to visit in June/July. I ask God this because He is the only one who decides when we are to leave this world. You see, Caleb is the only great-grandchild who will carry the Polish last name, therefore carrying the tradition and he is the only American born great-grandchild. For these reasons, Chris and I consider it extremely important for us to get to Poland and show off Caleb. The plan is to go in June or July. Caleb will be one. I really don't feel comfortable traveling to Poland until he is at least one or almost one. That is a big reason we are waiting for the summer. We are also waiting for Chris' parents to go (the summer) so we'll have others to travel with us...not to mention a translator if needed (Chris' Dad). So, I pray that God will allow his Grandfather in Poland to tarry on this earth until he can meet Caleb.

2) Chris has helped me to realize that I have a dream to be a writer and to someday be published. I confess I have great doubts at times and I am always second guessing my abilities. ALWAYS! So, the idea of being published or to really go somewhere with my writing seems "humanly impossible." Chris and I believe that my desire to write is from the Lord because I have had it deep down inside since college. Chris is really the only person who knows (now y'all do too!) because I've doubted myself so much. I want to pray that God help me continue in my writing, show me where He wants me to go with it, and to help me to realize my dream of being a writer. I know it is going to take God to do this one. :-)

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