Tuesday, January 23, 2007

Beginnings and Endings

This was a very interesting weekend. The big planned event was Caleb's Baby Dedication at church. As members of a non-denominational church we won't baptize Caleb because we believe that baptism by immersion is done once Caleb makes a personal decision for Christ. We pray daily for that decision to made at an early age. Instead of the baptism, we have Baby Dedication. That is when the parents and even the grandparents, sometimes, stand in front of the church and pledge to raise the child as a Christian and the congregation pledges to support the parents in that effort. So, my Dad and Step Mom came into town and so did my sister for this big event. I believe that Baby Dedication is what you make it and Chris and I took it VERY Seriously. We were making our commitment to raising Caleb in the faith public and making ourselves accountable for it. Everyone was excited for a meaningful service and wonderful family time.

Dad and Betty arrived Friday night and we all had a great time despite an epidemic of colds in the house. Chris and I both came down with Caleb's cold. My Dad arrived sick and so did my sister. Anyway, Chris and I woke up at 6:30 am on Saturday to the news that his Grandfather in Poland had passed away. Grandpa R. had been in the hospital for 3 weeks and we weren't really surprised but it still hits like a ton of bricks.

You see, Chris is half Polish. His father immigrated to the U.S. of A in his twenties and married Chris' Mom. His entire family remained in Poland. Chris has seen his Grandfather twice in Poland. We named Caleb after his Great-Granddaddy (Caleb's middle name) and we planned to travel to Poland so that Caleb could meet his Great Grandpa and vice versa. Caleb is the only American born Great Grandchild and the only one who will carry the Polish last name to boot. It was going to be a wonderful time and plenty of pictures were to be taken. My Dad got us a 2 G memory stick for our digital camera for the trip for Christmas. The trip is still going to happen and many pictures will be taken but that one picture I wanted won't happen. Chris and I were so excited about getting a picture of his Grandpa, His Dad, himself, and Caleb. Four Generations. We'll miss him. I never met him but I miss him too.

So, this weekend was a wonderful time of celebration with a dark cloud over it. Chris' parents didn't attend the Dedication due to a bad cold. Chris' Dad was coming down with a cold already and then he got the news of his Dad. His way of dealing with the news was to work outside on all kinds of projects when he should've been inside resting. By Saturday, he was too sick to be around Caleb or to be out.

The funeral is today and unfortunately, none of us could even dream of getting to Poland in time. My heart is in Poland today and so are my prayers.

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