Thursday, January 25, 2007

This Evening Just Wasn't Intended to Happen

I have been so excited about tonight. A good friend from High School and College is in town for a music conference that happens every year. We try to get together whenever she is down here and this year was no different. We usually meet on Friday evenings but because of other events and babysitting issues tonight, Thursday, was the only night that would work. I arranged babysitting and Chris and I were ready to go. Yeah! I was going to have an evening downtown, minus the baby, with my husband and good friend. Double Yeah! Well, I got an email from my friend saying that she couldn't do it because of a session at the conference she really wanted to attend was during our planned outing. We could do it only if we could meet one hour earlier than originally planned. Chris and I racked our brains trying to figure how to make this work. We finally concluded that with the change in babysitting and the fact we would have to take two cars it would be too difficult. Bummer!

I then had a brilliant idea. What if we kept our babysitter and then hit the country town for an evening of just us. It wouldn't be quite so glamorous because we would be eating at our local Mexican restaurant and probably be home before eight. It was a night out with my husband, though! Yeah! Chris agreed and it was settled. I called my out of town friend and apologized that we just couldn't work it out and we would hopefully see her next time we visit Dad. I then called the babysitter and explained that the original plans were cancelled but we really like to keep her for our date. She agreed. It was no change in her schedule after all. Yeah! We were ON for the evening.

I got ready for a lunch date I had and then THE email arrived. Chris wasn't feeling well and he wanted to come home and stay home after work. WHAT!? You mean cancel the babysitter and eat at home like every other evening?! NOOOOOO! I had a pity party for awhile but then I concluded that an evening with my husband can happen some other time. The babysitter will be available some other time. My Hubby takes priority and I need to take care of him.

So, this wonderful evening I had planned and then re-planned apparently wasn't intended to happen. Oh well! I guess we'll eat our salads (Chris' request), put Caleb to bed, watch some TV, and go to bed. I love my Home and I love my Family!

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Andrew said...

Old friends are the best! I have a few that are always a hoot to catch up with. Enjoy!

Andrew (To Love, Honor, and Dismay)