Friday, January 26, 2007

My Little Man

I was so proud of Caleb today. During our Friday morning errands we went into the bank to close out an account we didn't need anymore. Since Caleb is such a big boy now I rarely bring him into places while still in his carseat. That thing is heavy now and I figure I need to get used to it anyway. So, I sat down at the lady's desk with Caleb on my lap. I saw there was any empty seat next to me and it had a nice back to it. I thought, "Hmmm....I wonder if Caleb could sit up in that chair and entertain himself." I slid him over and VOILA! He sat up with no problems and he just smiled and smiled. It was almost like he was saying, "Look Mom! I'm a BIG boy!" I took a piece of candy from the desk and offered the crinkly paper to Caleb. Okay, what baby can resist crinkly paper? He was beyond happy. I couldn't have asked for a more pleasant trip to the bank. An empty lap and a happy baby. Aaaaahhh!

Have a great weekend!

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