Wednesday, January 17, 2007

Carnival of Beauty--January 17, 2007

This week's Carnival of Beauty is on the Beauty of Bread and it just so happens to be a Share-A-Recipe Week. I hope everyone enjoys the recipes submitted by our participants. I know I will. Thanks Everyone!

Veracity from Veracity-The Way shares two delicious breads-one done the old fashioned way, one for the bread machine.

Allison from Simple Christian Living gives a wonderful recipe for Sourdough Starter and Bread. Looks Lovely! I've been wanting to try homemade Sourdough. Thanks, Allison!

Sallie from A Gracious Home (Our Carnival of Beauty Sponsor) tells us about a Garden Herb Bread that smells heavenly while baking and tastes just as good. It is made in the Bread Machine to boot!

A Honey-Whole Wheat Bread made in the Bread Machine is provided by Beckie at A Child of God.

Patricia at
Pollywog Creek lets us in on her recipe for a very satisfying and sweet Blueberry-orange bread in her post,
"The glory of bread is that it satisfies", John Piper

Jennifer at Wonderful Pages shows us how she makes four loaves of bread in an hour with her Bosch Concept Mixer.

Beth at Ebenezer Stories shares her recipe for Rosemary Whole Wheat Bread and shares a story of the first loaf of bread she made with her husband.

Revka at The Porch Light gives us her recipe for Basic White Bread in the Bread Machine. You sure can't beat good White Bread.

Ashley from Onward and Upward shares her recipe for Homemade Banana Bread because "Banana bread to me is a symbol of hospitality and welcoming new neighbors."

Sandy at Simply Sandy shares her No Guilty Beer Bread Recipe. She says it is a quick bread that is very easy, very yummy, and very low in fat!! All those are reasons enough for me to try it.

Julie at JulieD's Blog shares
a delicious and very pretty cinnamon loaf with us and says "When I want to bake something for family, dear friends or neighbors; this is the bread I make."

Kim at Mother-Lode shares here recipe for Cheese Bread Knots and tells us to
"recognize the marvels and mysteries unlocked in breaking bread."

Finally, a delicious recipe for Amish White Bread is provided by Sarah at To Motherhood and Beyond. That's me!

5 Readers Shared Their Love:

Kim Anderson said...

Bless you, Sarah! My mouth is watering and my oven is pre-heating!

Ashley said...

Thank you for hosting this week's Carnival, Sarah! I can't wait to try a few of these recipes. :-)

Beckie said...

Thank you Sarah. Going to have to try some.

Revka said...

Thank you for hosting, Sarah. I can't wait to try out these recipes. They all sound delicious.

Jennifer at said...

Thank you so much for hosting Sarah. I can't believe I forgot to write in my instructions when to add the yeast! I've corrected it now and apologize to anyone who tries make my yeast-less bread!