Friday, January 05, 2007

Slowing Down For Cuddles

This week has been wonderful for cuddles I have to say. Today is Caleb's 6 month birthday. HAPPY BIRTHDAY, CALEB!!!! Because of this I've been noticing how much he has grown and that he isn't as much of a little baby anymore. He can sit up in the grocery buggy and the high chair at restaurants. He plays with all his toys and gets quite frustrated if you take them away or he drops them. It is virtually impossible to keep him on his back because he is fascinated with rolling to his belly. That includes while sleeping in his crib and during diaper changes. Caleb is a squirmy little kid. He talks CONSTANTLY and you wonder what fascinating things he is telling you. Why can't we learn babytalk? He is no longer a little baby blob. He has a distinct personality and I love it.

Yesterday, I put Caleb in his jumper in the door to his nursery and I worked on his closet. I pulled out a storage box and I did the inevitable. I started weeding out the clothes he can't fit into anymore. I found the jammies he wore his first night at home. They swallowed him whole then and the arms and legs just flopped around everywhere as we fussed or cooed. I was amazed at how small those jammies really are now. I got through this process without shedding a single tear but I know that was quite a feat. My baby is growing up! He will be crawling in not time and then what? Driving?! College?! GEEZ! What's a Mommy to do?

That is why I've been getting my cuddles all I can this week. I usually put Caleb down for his morning nap and his afternoon nap. This week I've indulged and I've let him sleep on top of me for his morning nap. It has been wonderful. I love to feel his breaths against my chest and feel the movement of his pacifier as he sucks on it. Be still my heart! While he is sleeping with me during those naps he is still my tiny baby. I've been slowing down for cuddles this week and I know I will never regret it.

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amy hornek said...

No, you never will regret it. What a fantastic thing to do! And enjoy him laying on top of you as long as you can because in a few months he'll be too big for sad! I guess it's just important to enjoy every stage. They are all wonderful!