Wednesday, January 17, 2007

Music To My Ears!

Caleb is squealing and babbling and smiling like normal today. I never knew till now how beautiful those high pitched, ear piercing squeals would be to me. The past two sickly days have been rather quiet because Caleb just hasn't been up to talking to me. He has just sneezed and coughed and maybe fussed after those. He was feeling pretty rotten. But, he is back to his normal self again. His chest is still a bit raspy when he breathes and he still coughs but his personality is back in full gear. Yeah! We made it through our first baby cold. Now, Caleb can put those immunities into the Bank of Caleb's Defense System.

While Caleb has been getting better, Eowyn has been getting sick. She has thrown up twice in the living room and I've seen her eating grass outside. I wonder what she ate that has upset her stomach so much. She's also been rather lethargic and just staying by the fireplace. ( has actually been cold enough to have a fire today!) I am thankful to have a dog who owns up to her accidents. Both times she threw up she just sat by the pile until I saw it and cleaned it up. Her tail was down and her ears were laid back on her head. She looked so pitiful. I had to pull out our pet mess cleaner and I've barely used that stuff since Eowyn was house trained. I guess this is how it kid gets over a cold and the other gets sick.

Did I mention that my throat has been rather itchy and scratchy since yesterday? Hmmmm.

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