Thursday, January 18, 2007

Cleaning up the Clutter

Today has been spent cleaning up my house or at least attempting to clean it. Caleb's cold put me sorely behind and I am up to my shoulders in tidying to do. The big kicker is that I have family coming into town tomorrow for Caleb's Church Dedication. I'm also not feeling 100% with a scratchy throat and being really tired. Thankfully, Caleb is doing great and over HIS cold. I'm starting to think that cold germs don't actually die, they just jump from one person to the next. You feel better once the next victim starts feeling rotten. When it comes to the house, I've adopted the "throw all the clutter into the storage room method." I know it will make more work for me later but at least the guest room will be ready. I've been using the guest room as my "Ship Shop" for my eBay auctions and there were books everywhere. I took some Walmart bags and moved everything out. I know this post sounds like I'm babbling and I know I am. I'm sorry. My head is feeling sick and I have a lot of work to do. Thanks for checking in and I'll be back soon. :-)

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