Monday, January 29, 2007

Family Day

Chris and I started a wonderful new family tradition yesterday. From now on, Sunday is going to be a day to remember the Lord and Family. It is our Sabbath/Family Day. I know that Sunday has always been the Sabbath and our Sundays are generally a lot calmer and more relaxing than the other days of the week. However, Chris and I still used to get paperwork done or housework done. We enjoyed each other's company and yet continued on in our regular business. After a rather grueling month of redoing the home computers/network and preparing our tax information for the accountant, Chris and I decided to implement Family Day.

Here is how it went. We woke up without the alarm and I went to let Eowyn out, put food in her bowl, and went to get Caleb. Chris and I played with Caleb in the bed for almost 30 minutes. I let Eowyn back in the house and she joined us on the bed. Gotta love the "Family Bed." Chris and I then got ourselves ready (very casual), gave Caleb dressed and fed, and went to the Donut Connection for coffee and a bagel and a donut. We split the bagel and the donut. From there we went to our county's Veterans' Park and walked around and read all the names of men from our county who fought in all the American wars...from the Revolutionary War to the War on Terrorism. It was so pretty and pleasant and Chris and I couldn't believe we hadn't been there before. Caleb was zonking in his carseat in the stroller the whole time. We went home and Chris made a fire. Caleb and I hung out in that room while Chris worked on the fire. I fed Caleb and let him enjoy a teething cookie afterwards. I don't do that too often right now because he makes such a terrible mess, but he LOVES them. Caleb took his nap and Chris and I enjoyed lunch and a CSI episode from Netflix. Our regular babysitter for small group was sick so Chris had to stay home while I went to small group. I thought that was so sweet. Chris said he knew that I needed to "get out" much more than him and he was happy to stay back this time. Thanks, Honey! I had a great time at small group and came home to the still roaring fire and Caleb ready for bed. Chris and I got ready for bed ourselves, put Caleb down for the night, and enjoyed another CSI episode and went to bed early.

It was a wonderful day!

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