Thursday, February 01, 2007

A Wet, Blah Day

It is such a icky day today. It has rained continually since about mid-morning and I think it is even picking up a good bit. I just looked out my kitchen window and saw a small river flowing through my backyard. Ick! I am having a battle inside between "Responsible Mom" who wouldn't take her child out in this and"Blah, Gotta Get Out of House Mom." Who's gonna win this one?

Since this has been an "inside the house" day, I turned it into Bath day. (I'm loving the titles today aren't I?) Caleb got his bath. Eowyn got her bath and I took a shower as soon as Caleb went down for his nap. We are a squeaky clean bunch aren't we? Eowyn is currently wimpering to go outside but I HATE to let her out in that rain and mud when she smells so good and actually looks fluffy. Can a Jack Russell be fluffy?

Well, this icky weather has zapped me of any creative juices that might be inside me. I will say farewell for now and hopefully I'll have more to say tomorrow. I hope everyone else is having a Happy, Energetic day.

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