Friday, July 27, 2007

I Feel As Though I've Lost a Good Friend

It finally happened today.

I was outside hanging our bedsheets and my blanket on the clothes line for a lovely sunny drying this morning. Chris and I LOVE for our sheets to dry out on the line. They feel wonderful and they smell even better. The first night after they've been washed and dryed is always the best night's sleep we get in awhile.

I had Caleb in his Hip Hammock and I was hanging away. I had put my blanket on and I was arranging the fitted sheet before I put the clips on and then...SNAP! The line broke and I saw our beautifully clean blanket and sheets fall to the wet, dewy ground. OH NO!! I thought the line had just come unattached to the hook in the tree. Surely, that's what happened. Nope!! The rope snapped in two. I snatched up the now dirty sheets and blanket and went inside in a state of sadness and even a slight panic.

What am I going to do without my clothesline? Yes, I have a perfectly good clothes dryer in the house and I use for things like underwear (which will NEVER go on the line) and other stuff on rainy days or days I'm not going to be home enough to put stuff on the line. I just find hanging clothes on the line relaxing and when the electric bill comes in my love of the line is reinforced. I guess it also helps the environment by me using less energy. I gotta do my part especially since I am a die-hard disposable diaper user.

I have written an email to Chris detailing my desperation and hopefully my line will be back up soon. I think I'm going to look at my backyard and maybe even pick a better place to put it. Maybe it will be even bigger! Oooohhhh!!! The possibilities are endless.

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