Tuesday, July 24, 2007

Once You Are Done With Harry Potter...

British Lawyer Goes Swimming at North Pole--Good Lord! I've heard of the Polar Bear Club but this is INSANE!

New Orchid Smells Like 'Smelly Feet'--I love orchids. I'm just not so sure I would make a 'pilgrimage' to see this one.

Children of the Reformation--A very interesting account of how the Protestant Church went from being 100% against birth control to being in support of it. Makes you think.

For Us Moms...When the days are long--I was touched and encouraged by this post over at Joy in the Morning.

Teen Claims Spiders Alerted Her to Fire--ICK!!! I HATE spiders! They are worse than ants in my book and my regular readers know I hate ants with a passion. I would've run from the room too and probably out of the house with the Orkin Man on speed dial.

Private, Private, Private--This post from Laine's Letters will really make you think about God's place in a couple having children...and no one else.

Extraordinary pictures that show the Pride and Joy of a Lion King
--BEAUTIFUL pictures of lions and their cubs.

Father and Son Treasure Hunters...
--What a find!! Persistance does pay off.

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