Friday, July 06, 2007

I'm Going to be Busy With My Birthday Boy

Caleb is officially 1 now. Chris and I really didn't have many plans for Caleb's actual birthday because of the party coming up TOMORROW. Chris was even going to hang out with a friend in the evening and I was going to use that time to get house ready for our guests. Those were our plans at least.

First change was when Chris' friend had to cancel and Chris was going to be home after all. I wasn't planning on cooking but I was sure I could whip something up.

Then around 2:30 pm Chris' Mom called. (Note: Caleb wasn't taking a very good nap at all and I was struggling to get anything done.) She said I HAD to come over because something just arrived for Caleb's birthday. I said, "Okay, but wait till Caleb wakes up and we'll give him his snack at your house." "Great, you just have to come over AS SOON AS he wakes up!!" I got 30 more minutes of work done and Caleb woke up. I gave him a clean diaper and off we went. I was thinking about all kinds of options of what could be so important that it couldn't wait till the party. Hmmmm!! I finally came to the conclusion it had to be people.

And right I was. I pulled into the driveway and the first thing I saw was a rental car. It couldn't be anyone on my side of the family because they would be driving their own cars and they would come to my house first. I walk in the house and it was all three of Chris' aunts (Chris' Mom's sisters) from Rockford, Illinois. They had gotten up at the crack of dawn, drove to Chicago to catch a plane, and flew here without anyone knowing about it. I was shocked!

Of course, Caleb was the first one to be hugged and kissed. This is the first time any of them have met Caleb. He was still waking up and wanting his snack so he was quiet at first and then cranky. We fed him his snack, gave him a tennis ball, and he was ready to play. I called Chris and told him to scratch all plans for the evening because his aunts were in town. He was shocked too.

Plans were made to have dinner at Longhorn Steakhouse to celebrate Caleb's actual birthday as a family. He wore his #1 baseball cap and looked adorable. Dinner was such a treat. Caleb was passed around all the adults and fed all sorts of yummy food. He never complained once. Finally, the waitress brought Caleb his own bowl of ice cream which Mommy "had" to help him with...Daddy too. ;-) There was no song because it probably would've scared him but I have no doubt that the majority of the restaurant already knew Caleb was 1 that day. We were a happy, boisterous crowd celebrating our little boy.

Caleb is so LOVED!! Have I mentioned how BLESSED Chris, Caleb, and I are to have the families we do? We thank the Lord for them often.

So, needless to say I will be busy today and the rest of the weekend celebrating and enjoying family and friends. I probably won't post much if anything during that time. But, I will post pictures hopefully on Monday. See you then!

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