Monday, July 16, 2007

The Ant Saga Continues...

Have you noticed that I absolutely DESPISE ants? I am sure that they serve a unique purpose on this beautiful earth and that is why God created them in the first place. BUT, I don't want them anywhere near my house, my child, my dog, my hubby, or me. NO WHERE NEAR!!!

Last week on Thursday, Caleb and I were stranded at home because Chris' van was in the shop and he was driving my car to work. Caleb didn't even get out of his jammies. It was a comfortable time. The day went well until about 4 pm when Caleb really needed to stretch a bit more and go outside. So, I put on his sandals and gathered up his new dump truck, sippie cup full of water, and camera and off we went into the yard. Caleb had a blast walking around with his dump truck. Thanks, Granddaddy and Grammy! He would just walk and walk all over the yard. I was snapping pictures like crazy because this was the best walking I have seen yet. There was no furniture to hinder his stride. Caleb was beyond proud of himself too.

This was also the time that Caleb discovered dirt. I knew this had to happen because I have a boy-boy. When Caleb fell down he fussed a little bit but then discovered this interesting stuff on his hands and of course, he had to taste it. My first instinct was to rush up to him and make him stop. I kept myself contained knowing that a little dirt won't kill him and I didn't want to ruin his moment of discovery. Our outside time followed the pattern of walk, play with dirt, walk, and play with dirt some more. It was a fun time...until.

Until the ants came. Caleb was sitting on the ground playing with the dirt when I noticed he was getting more fussy and fidgety. I thought, "that's odd." I picked him up and his bottom was covered in ants. Aaaaahhhhhh!!! These were the mean, bite-the-heck-out-of-you ants too. I started running into the house all the while swiping those ants off of him. A few actually got up his shorts and one made it into his diaper. I stripped him and put him in the tub for a good rinsing. Caleb caught onto my panic and that really upset him too. He scrambled to get out of the tub, slipped in the water, and bumped his head on the bottom. I wrapped him in a towel and just held him for awhile while the tub finished filling with water. I put him back in and let him splash as much and as hard as his little heart wanted. I got soaked but my boy was happy again.

So, the ants need to consider this story as a warning. You DO NOT mess with my boy and live to tell about it. You weren't safe inside my house and now you aren't safe outside my house. Consider yourself warned. Grrrrrr!

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