Wednesday, July 18, 2007

Jesus, Bring the Rain

Here is another video on one of my favorite songs these days. It is Jesus, Bring The Rain by Mercy Me. I LOVE IT!! I think it really speaks to me because I really do love rain. I love cloudy days and all kinds of rain. I know I am opposite from most people because it is during the summer and especially during a drought that I get sad and depressed. The sun does not help me. Clouds are beautiful, especially storm clouds. Thunder puts me right to sleep. Granted, there are times when rain storms can down right scary and destructive. That is no good.

But, those days that are overcast with a light,steady rain is renewing to me just like it is renewing for the earth. Rain brings life and I was even happy when it rained on my wedding day. It was like God was putting life into our future.

I love the imagery of this song. God can use anything to bring glory to himself even our hard times. During those "rainy" days God can breathe life into us through his Word and Spirit. Everything becomes good when it brings him glory. Jesus, Bring The Rain!

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