Thursday, July 12, 2007

Oh, The Carnage!

Chris and I have been fighting the ants in our house ever since we started getting a little bit more rain. Darn that rain! I preferred those ants being deep under the earth and NOT in my house!! I have to clean out the kitchen sink every night before bed or else we'll have steady line of ants by morning. We ate the last pieces of Caleb's cake last night and I "forgot" to put them in the dishwasher. Needless to say, I saw a line of very happy, icing-eating ants. I was MAD and ready for WAR!

Now that I've given you the background listen into what happened next.

Me: Aaaaaaaahhhhhh!!!! I HATE ANTS!!!

Chris: (Silence) (He was trying to read his Bible before he left for work)

Me: Where are you boogers coming from?? I'm going to find your little hole and YOU WILL PAY!!

Chris: (More Silence)

Me: Ah Hah! I found it...the hole! (I promptly grabbed the ant spray). You are going to regret you ever came into my house! You are going to writhe in pain and the carnage, oh the carnage!

Chris: Honey, It is kind of hard to read the Bible and pray when I hear you delight in the massacre you are about to inflict.

Sarah: 5
Ants: 0


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