Tuesday, July 03, 2007

Caleb's Birth Story...One Year Later

One year ago today Chris and I checked into the hospital to have Caleb. I was one week late and beyond ready to have this baby. We arrived on a Monday and prepared ourselves to have our Fourth of July son. That was how it was supposed to happen anyway.

Here is a little background. Caleb was VERY stubborn when it came to coming out of his Mommy. I went for my final OB/GYN appointment and I hadn't dilated even the slightest bit. The doctor who saw me through the entire pregnancy was on vacation and I was seeing another sweet doctor and I became very thankful later that I had seen her. I signed the papers for inducement for the following Tuesday and off I went to get ready.

Life continued as usual. I nested and nested until there was nothing else to do. I finalized when family was coming into town and who was going to help this new Mom during those early weeks. I was nervous but I was also happy about the inducement because it was delivery on my terms and not the unexpected. I hate anything that I can't prepare for. Chris and I went to churh on Sunday as always and then we had our last dinner out as "non-parents." We still talk about how special that dinner was and tell our friends who are having babies to do the same. We went to bed knowing that our lives were going to change forever the next day.

Monday we got up and finished cleaning the house because we knew we would want an extremely clean house when we got home in a couple of days. Chris got a hair cut and I bought him some snacks to put in his overnight bag. I showered and got dressed and made my "I am coming, do you have a bed ready" call to the hospital. They didn't have one ready yet so we sat in the den and waited for the "come on over" phone call. We watched "Dumb and Dumber" to calm my nerves and to make me laugh. I was beyond nervous.

We started our drive to the hospital and stopped at McDonald's to eat chicken nuggetsin the car as we finished our journey. We checked into our room in Labor/Delivery. I got into my oh-so-stylish hospital gown and Chris got situated on his chair/bed. I got connected to an IV and all the needed monitors. The last major event was when the nurse came in and inserted the Cervidil to get me ready for labor. I ate a popsicle and we watched tv. Finally, I went to bed so I could my rest. I kept thinking I would be a mom the next day. With all the thoughts and constant trips to the bathroom I hardly slept at all. How was I going to push with this little sleep? A nurse gave me some Ambien and that helped a good bit.

Tuesday began early when the nurse started the Pitocin drip. The contractions started soon after that. They weren't that bad and I even got to see my Dad, Step Mom, and sister. They barely knew I was having contractions. They were ranging in the level 5-6 area and I thought "this isn't bad at all." Ha! The nurse told me they had to get up to 10 for Caleb to come out.

I hardly progressed at all and they increased the drip to push things along. That is when the contractions started getting very bad. I wanted an epidural but I had to get to 5 cm dilated before then. I was barely 2 cm. I breathed the best I could and I Chris was a real trooper. The nurse gave me some Staydol and they pretty much kept that coming.

I really can't describe how bad the contractions were. I just know I reached a point where I just couldn't do it anymore. They had me on oxygen because Caleb wasn't happy either and they just couldn't find a position to make him happy. When I was about ready to perform a C-Section on myself my OB came in and said that we weren't making ANY progress. So, he would order the pitocin stopped and I could take a shower, eat, sleep and we would start again the next day. Whew!!

The nurse removed my IV and I did all those things. I took my shower and my Dad bought Wendy's for us. That was SO SO GOOD! The nurse reinserted the Cervidil and I prepared for another day. I continued to have contractions throughout the night but they weren't as bad. I was able to get some rest.

I think the Lord was smiling on me when my doctor came in first thing in the morning and said that even thought I was barely 3 cm he would go ahead and order an epidural. I was ready to KISS him on the lips. Everyone talks about the dreaded needle of an epidural. After the contractions from the day before I was ready for a needle twice that size. I didn't care! Stick me! The epidural was put in and the nurse told me it may take a few minutes for it to take affect. One minute later she asked me "Are you feeling that contraction?" I said, "What contraction?" Thank you Lord for Epidurals!! The pitocin was started and I actually slept a good bit. Chris was able to leave the room for awhile and get a break. I am glad he did that. Sometimes I would see Chris' eyes get big when he looked the monitor as I had a contraction. He would said, "WOW! That was big one! I think that was the biggest yet!" Did I already say, Thank you Lord for Epidurals!?

My water was finally broken and of course I was getting ready for delivery. Ha! I was still barely 4 cm and Caleb wasn't even fully engaged yet. The nurse had me get on my hands and knees on the bed and do this little sway maneuver. I hated doing that. But, Chris brushed my hair and that was delightful. I made it 30 minutes in that position before my knees couldn't handle it anymore. I got back into bed a usual. When is this little boy going to be born?!

After about an hour or so (I'm not sure) I started to feel a twinge that felt very much like a contraction. Surely not! I have an epidural! Very quickly those twinges turned into full-blown contractions just like the day before. What the Heck!? We quickly called the doctor and it turns out that the epidural FELL OUT during that hands and knees time. Figures! Anyway, they gave me another Epidural and I was happy again. Well, I wasn't that happy. I was beyond exhausted, drugged up, and ready to stop.

Finally, the doctor I saw before all this started came in. Remember her? My regular doctor had gone off shift and this nice lady was on. She said that it was time to stop. You've got that right! (Can you tell my attitude started to deteriate?) She scheduled me for a C-Section. There was one other Mom before me and then I was next in line. I did get a kick out of being in line for a C-Section. At this point I was reminded of when my sister said, "Sarah, it is okay if you end up having a C-Section. Don't feel bad about it." I didn't.

When I arrived in the delivery room I was struck by how light the mood was. The nurses were discussing schedules, dinner dates, kids, you name it. The doctor arrived with a resident and we began. I do remember how cool it was that I felt no pain and yet I could feel everything they did. Even the doctors discussed the weekend coming up while they were operating on me. Right at the end the nurses said that someone better go get Chris because we were about to have a baby. Chris arrived and just a couple minutes later Caleb was born. July 5, 2006.

There was some tension that I didn't understand. I found out later that Caleb wasn't crying without being given oxygen. He was born with the umbilical cord around his neck. They let me kiss his little cheek and off he went to the NICU. Chris left with Caleb and I was sewn up and taken to recovery. I was there for an hour and then taken to my room. Chris came and so did my family. Once Caleb was cleared from the NICU I finally saw my son completely. He was beyond beautiful. We were a family.

When we arrived at the hospital one year ago we had no idea how everything was going to turn out. But, as I look back I am thankful for how Caleb was born. Who knows what the cord would've done if he came through the birth canal. I am thankful to God for his grace and soverignty. Now, I have an incredibly awesome little boy I can call my own. We are having a birthday party on Saturday and we will be surrounded by family and friends. I am the most blessed woman in the world.

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eph2810 said...

Thank you, Sarah for sharing your story :) - Yeah, God is good...I am glad that all went well for your little boy :)

Blessings to you and yours this Independence day...