Tuesday, July 24, 2007

In Other Words

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I find that serving or service does not come naturally for me. Or at least the type of service that requires physical labor such as cleaning a kitchen or moving chairs around to prepare for a worship service. I am right there to sit and talk to people when they want to be heard. I also want to talk to those who have gone before me and gain wisdom from them. Work will always be there to be done and can be done later.

I find that my resistance to physical service can cause friction between me and women who naturally jump up to help out. I will hear, "Sarah, why don't you come help us clean up?" My reply is often, "I'm coming in a minute just let me finish this conversation." I know that I can sometimes come across as lazy and unwilling to help. And I know that this is a flaw in me. I need to find a happy median between helping out in the kitchen and talking to people.

In my efforts to broaden my service I find myself trying to build relationships through conversation while I clean the dishes or set up tables. It is a fight against my flesh to get out and do it. I would so rather just sit and talk and/or listen. But, I also need to respect the people around me who are beautifully gifted in service.

When I think about Mary and Martha and their time with Jesus I would love to think that I am more like Mary than Martha. But, I know better than to put myself on such a pedestal. Would I stay with Jesus despite Martha's complaints because I know with whom I speak or would I stay to avoid the physical service? I am trying to figure that out. Until then I think I will default at helping out first thing unless the hostess says otherwise. Once the work is done I can relax and enjoy conversations knowing I am doing my part in both types of service.

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ellen b said...

I think we need to appreciate each others giftedness and be blessed by it. I so appreciate someone like you who can sit and focus and talk and listen to someone. I tend to move and be distracted and end up in the kitchen but I don't want to grumble about those who are gifted to reach into someone's heart and talk while I'm washing dishes...

Denise said...

Beautifully said, bless you.

Janie Hickok Siess, Esq. said...

I totally relate. I'm not the type to be in the kitchen . . . my sister is always trying to get me in there with her and I'm just not interested. There is a certain amount of judgment heaped upon folks like us and it isn't really fair because I serve in other ways and I'm sure you do, too. It all goes back to gender stereotypes.

Wonderful post.

Hummie said...

That is so nice to read such a personal post!'s good to relate with people personally.