Wednesday, July 11, 2007

I Know I Could Use This...

I was over at 5 Minutes for Mom and I saw that they are having a really neat contest for a really neat contraption. Do you feel overwhelmed with paper clutter? Are your file boxes/cabinets overflowing and yet you still have more to put away? Do you have way too many keepsakes but you can't even fathom throwing away that adorable painting or homemade Mother's Day Card?

Well, it looks like us pack rats have an answer to our problems. The NeatReceipts Scanalizer!! Y'all this thing is so cool!! The original purpose of the Scanalizer was to store receipts and other important documents on your computer. That way business owners wouldn't have to hang on to all their receipts till Kingdom Come and sink their office and/or house into the ground. Love It!

But, there is so much you can do with it. The possibilities are limitless. I'm already having visions of scanning all those sweet drawings Caleb does in the church nursery and his A+ school papers (Proud Mommy!). Once all those papers are scanned I could then email them to ALL my family and friends because I just KNOW they would want to see them. ;-) I also know that my computer geek, minimalist hubby would appreciate not having anymore paper clutter in our house.

Go on over to 5 Minutes For Mom and put your name in the hat and perhaps you too could experience the joy that is The NeatReceipts Scanalizer. Ten people are going to win! Go!

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