Wednesday, July 18, 2007

For Your Reading Pleasure

Kimberly-Clark Rolls Out First Automatic Toilet Paper Dispenser--How much of our lives need to automated and regulated? Toilet Paper??? That is too sacred!!

More Than 100 Christians Expelled From China--Geez! China is NOT on my good list.

China's Deadly Goods Wreak Havoc--Like I said, NOT on my Good List. And these people are going to host the 2008 Olympics?

California's Wine Surprise--Hee Hee! My sister brought some Two Buck Chuck at Christmas and it was pretty good..from someone who doesn't really like wine.

Christians Face Uncertain Future in Anarchic Iraq--There is so much more going on in Iraq than the war. And "they" want a troop withdrawal??

13-year old boy breaks vow of silence after 10 years--Good Lord! I can't even imagine any child purposely not talking for 10 years. I know I am already in for it because Caleb "talks" like crazy and chatterboxes run the family. My nephew, who is a kindred spirit of mine, is a major talker and one time his Daddy asked him, "Why do you talk so much." He replies, "So you can hear all the interesting things I have to say!" That is exactly right. ;-)

Parents Neglect Starved Babies to Feed Video Game Addiction--Okay, I am friends with some major gamers and I am in awe with how gamers can play their games for so long. I've been known to get lost in a game for a few hours...pre-children mind you. But, this is insane!! Unfortunately, I can see how this would happen too. Gamers are crazy.

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