Tuesday, July 31, 2007

Tackle It Tuesday

Tackle It Tuesday Meme

For some reason this week ideas for my blog just aren't running around my head like crazy. It is almost like a blog blackout in the 'noggin. So, I've been working alot on other things around the house. I was amazed at how well yesterday went. If you read yesterday's post you would know that I was somewhat stressed about all I needed to get done. Well, the majority of the stuff got done. Here is a breakdown:

1) started and finished a load of laundry. It was supposed to rain so I didn't use my clothesline. That felt weird. Oh yeah! Chris fixed my clothesline on Sunday. Thank you, Honey!

2) Packaged ALL of the eBay auctions that sold this past weekend. That included an ENTIRE set of dishes with eight place settings. That was a pain to package due to everything being so fragile but I got it done and now I don't have to do it today. Yeah!

3) Picked up the house after the weekend.

4) Helped Caleb practice his walking. I am such a proud Mommy.

One good thing that happened yesterday is a lady from our local YMCA called to say that our scholarship application had been approved. Yeah! Chris and I looked at our budget last night and put the YMCA in there at the level the scholarship allows. No, it doesn't fit perfectly into our budget but Chris decided that the YMCA is a worthy cause for the entire family and said to go ahead and join. I am beside myself with excitement. Very soon I will take Caleb down there, join up, and hopefully work out. Chris and I have been exercising at home for a long time now and now I will have the external motivation that a gym provides. This new YMCA has a fitness room to die for, plus a spinning studio, every aerobics class you could ever want, and an AWESOME swim area with a very cute kiddie are that has water spraying up from the ground. That will be my tackle for this morning and ongoing tackle. I am going to tackle this baby weight that has held on for a year now. Whoohoo!!

4 Readers Shared Their Love:

jennyr said...

this reminds me of my laundry that has been sitting in the washer room for many days now,lol! good luck on ur tackles!

Susanna Rose said...

Good job on getting your list accomplished! I would also like to get a membership at our local YMCA so I can work out there...we'll see!

Jennifer Sprague, All Natural Mommies said...

aww walking - they grow up so darn fast - dont they?

Photojenic said...

Great job! I'm hosting another Tackle contest on my blog. Stop on by!