Monday, July 30, 2007

Busy Day Today

Today is promising to be very busy. As always, I have to recover from the weekend by cleaning the kitchen, picking up the house, and getting started on laundry. That is usual Monday stuff.

Then, ALL my eBay auctions sold this week which I am very thankful for. The majority of them, a set of dishes from Chris' mom, had no bids all week and I was planning to take her dishes back to her. Well, one person bid on every part of the dishes. WOW! So, I am now facing packing these dishes up and shipping them out. The problem with dishes is you have to be extra careful when packing because they might break in shipment. That takes extra time and tender loving care.

Chris and I are also liquidating his Magic Card Collection to help fund some other things our family wants to do. Chris has been working very hard putting lots together and he already has almost thirty of them. So, I have a lot of pictures to take and listings to create.

Whoo! Busy Busy Day!! I'll be back as soon as I can.

FYI...Caleb took his first real steps yesterday. GO CALEB!!

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