Wednesday, August 23, 2006

Note to Self...Don't forget to eat!

Before I had Caleb I never thought I could EVER forget to eat. When I was in seminary I knew a guy I worked with in the library who had apparently forgotten to eat during exams. He was complaining of headaches and fatigue. He just couldn't figure out why and was assuming he was catching the flu or something. Nope. He had FORGOTTEN to eat for two whole days! Needless to say he felt much better after a large dinner. Such a thought was so foreign to me until now. It seems that some days that Caleb keeps me so busy that I just don't think to eat lunch. I might munch a little bit here and there but nothing even close to being enough. I get headaches come mid-afternoon and assume I'm getting dehydrated and I drink more water. Amazingly, I usually feel better after eating dinner. No one told me that forgetting to eat could be a side effect of being a mother. I almost feel like I should put "EAT" on my daily To-Do list. Being a mother amazes me more and more each day.

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