Sunday, August 13, 2006


I did a wonderful thing tonight. Chris and I dropped Caleb off at the Grandparents and we attended a small group of our church. I've been wanting and needing to fellowship with some other people. The group was started by some good friends of ours and of course, there were other great people there too, including Chris' sister and her husband. It was so great to be with other adults and to talk on their level and to make new friendships. I can't wait to start going to the same small group each week. We have a standing babysitting arrangement with Chris' parents for each Sunday night so we can go to the small group. I see this group as the first step in me re-entering the adult world after being home all the time with Caleb. It felt so good to pick Caleb up at the end of the evening. It is amazing how a little separation can make you miss someone so much. Now, I get to start another week on a great foot.

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